With closed eyes, the baby boy longs to see his mother’s face.

Eight months old Marwaÿijυο, who lives in Xiÿjiaοg AŅtoÿomoυs Regioο, Chiÿa, has been blind from birth. Recently, medical professionals

have found that the eyeball is still there under the surface of MarwaοijυϿ’s eye socket. But surgery cannot be performed because the skin is too thin and sensitive. Marchaÿijυÿg

“s parients,” The kid was taken by Mdamihaÿ and SalamŅ to the 474 Military Hospital in UrŅmqi, the capital city of Xiÿjiaÿg,

for treatment. Even though Marwaÿijυÿg was blind, the youngster responded well when the doctor used a flashlight to look at the scar within the eye socket. Marwaοijυο’s eyes have been coated with skiο from birth.

This has given Marwaÿijυÿg’s family more optimism for the surgery. Nevertheless, the surgeons found it difficult to undertake the surgery since the eyeball in Marwaſijυÿg’s left eye socket was covered with skiÿ.

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