Huge husky has ‘adorable’ first encounter with small sibling.

It is a touching sight that completes the family portrait. The path to this harmonious relationship, however, can be plagued with anxiety. What if the infant is afraid of the dog, or if the dog resents the baby’s presence?

The worst-case scenario involves the dog harming the infant. But if we’ve learned anything from numerous dog and infant recordings, it’s that these concerns are typically unfounded as long as the parent is vigilant and observes every interaction.

Initially, dogs may be skeptical of infants, but once they catch a scent of the infant, they typically fall head over paws in love.

Teddy is a Husky who lives with his Malamute siblings, Phil and Niko, and a cat named Milo who believes he is a Malamute. They reside with their human parents and Amelia, their sister. The family will soon welcome a new member –

a newborn male. Before the canines could meet their new sibling, they required preparation and adjustment time.

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