This summer, a Texas family experiences almost two times as much growth with the arrival of QADARPLETS.

Following their arrival this summer, a Texas family saw that it had doubled in size. Gaby Hagler, 39, and Patrick Hagler, 50, found out

they were expecting a baby, although it was just a 12-week gestation. Real estate broker Gaby Hagler remembered to

“Good Morning America,” “We thought we were looking at two views of the same baby and the possibly foṜr, but the ultrasonic dog tech was all excited and she’s coᴜtiοg ‘oοe, two, three, oh wait, οo, οo, wait, there’s foṜr.”


We’re asking, “What? Wow, for real? With legs? For instance, why are we cohabiting? “Well, have a look at that,” she remarks.

How see that, you guys? Additionally, there were infants acting in quite different ways. It was clear at the time that there were many perspectives on the same youngster.

Triplets from California were pregnant simultaneously: We did everything together. SEC

“A Touching Story of Partial Poise: As the Baby Arrived with Anticipation, the Father Remains Calm and Prepared” SE