The rehabilitated feline enjoys sleeping with the dog. The dog will become a cat’s mother.Adorable kitten.

When Cynthia took Henry in her arms, he curled up on her lap, laid on his back, and wanted to be petted. It was love at first sight. Three days after Cynthia took Henry in, they went on their first hike together.

The puppy chose the largest and steepest Rock and boldly climbed up and approached the edge. Henry barely climbed the tallest Rock to admire the view.

Then he became accustomed to constant heights and traveling. After some time, the young couple decided that they wanted to expand their family and adopted a Siamese kitten named Balu from a shelter.

Balu fell in love with Cynthia very much, but there was someone else to whom he gravitated even more. From the very first day, Balu and Henry were inseparable and treated each other with special warmth. Balu and Henry are constantly hiking, playing outdoors, and taking photographs during their travels.

Dog became the surrogate mother of 74 piglets from the animal shelter, and she has no intention of stopping.

A friendly feline neighbor tapped on the door, hoping for assistance and a pleasant welcome.