A pregnant dog abandoned at a shelter gives birth to 14 lovely puppies, creating a wonderful image of new life and optimism.

Mam Nata was abandoned in front of IAPA on Christmas Eve 22. She is approximately 8 weeks pregnant and on the verge of giving birth.

When Instituto Amor em Patas (IAPA) discovered her, she was very frail, unable to stand, and afraid; it took some time to calm her down. Her owner abandoned her because she was afraid of her approaching puppies.

She was so guarded when she first saw the shelter volunteers that she expended all of her energy keeping them away – guarding mother – but after a while, she reduced her guard and became social

“Look at her belly; there could be 13 or 14 babies inside.” We’re trying to schedule her test for tomorrow because she’s extremely frail.” According to a volunteer.

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