Trending Video Series Kiÿd Woma¿ RescŅig A haughty three-year-old street child was admired by the early community for her companionship.

After being adopted by a charity for many years, Hope, a Nigerian girl who was formerly thought to be a witch and abandoned by her parents, neighbors, and street vendors, is now healthy and talented in the arts.

Early in 2016, a 3-year-old Nigerian boy brought tears to people’s eyes when he emerged in a picture on social media.

A Daÿish woman who works as a fundraiser and foster parent for the organization DINNÃdhjael, Aÿja Riÿggreÿ Loŋeο, is the one who gave the water in the middle of the street.

The boy, named Hope, was taken advantage of by his family and the villagers, who accused him of being a witch.

Hope’s condition was terrible when we retrieved him. He suffered greatly from many illnesses and was very malnourished.

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