While looking for a cat to live with, she comes onto a 20-year-old cat that is looking for a home.

Diesel, a 20-year-old cat, ended up at a shelter out of the blue. Bewildered, he bided his time in his kennel, waiting for someone to come get him.

A few days later, in a municipal shelter, Tracey Peddy of Los Angeles-based rescue organization Kitt Crusaders discovered a lovable elderly cat

. After his owner passed away, he was surrendered and found it difficult to adapt to life at a shelter. Tracey connected with Diesel’s tale right away.

“I’ve always desired an elderly or special needs cat—a pet that no one would ever accept. I waited for my specific cat since kittens are readily adopted,” Tracey said.

It all made sense to her when she noticed Diesel’s age. “Without hesitation, I sent a message to the Crusaders. They made arrangements for me to pick Diesel up at the West LA shelter the next day.

An unfortunate cat’s life almost ended because to a common household item.

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