Yog Mother Unexpectedly Gives Birth While Campig

Kaylee Wilso had a crazy pregnancy and a free birth after a previous cesarea sectio. Because she was past the normal 42-week threshold,

her homebirth midwife chose to perform a caesarean delivery. She was taken to a hospital and forced to have an idctio, which resulted in a caesarea sectio.

She claimed ownership of her body while pregnant and asserted her parental and birth rights. At 42+1, her waters began to leak. She had 6 days of early labor and 30 or so hours of ivoltary p before giving birth to her so.


You can tell her newborn boy was asyclitic if you look attentively since his head was shaped to the side when he was born.

This could be one of the cases of ‘older’ labor (not that there is such a thing) and early ivoltary рi. If the cotractio isn’t strog enough to rotate the baby on its own, your body will request help from an ivoltary p.

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