You want to hold and comfort this terrified semi-feral cat mother so badly, but you can’t.

A rescuer and foster mom called Emilie who is committed to helping the most helpless animals tells a touching tale about a cat named Persephone.

This pregnant kitty was very scared until Emilie came to her rescue. The absence of human interaction was likely to blame.

Even though it was really challenging, Emilie was adamant about helping the animal. What did she say?

Fostering semi-feral cats may be challenging since you want to reassure them by holding and petting them, yet doing so will just increase their fear.

That’s why Emilie decided to let her take it easy for a while. She found it really challenging, but she felt it was the correct action to do.

Surprisingly, Persephone began adjusting to her new circumstances quite fast. She began to eat and go about, gradually becoming

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